Introduction to Reviews Selling (Selling Reviews)

introduction to reviews selling

On several occasions, it has been proven that a product that is well spoken of by everyone (or anyone) on the internet is most likely to be bought, not just once, but over and over again. It is obvious that most consumers don’t even know much about a product and because of that, they find it uninteresting to purchase a particular type of product. Sometimes people simply buy things because others are buying it and they feel that since others are buying it, it must be the best for them. That’s why a good vendor must make it explicit to its consumers on the reasons to purchase a product. Either on the price, quality, market value, demand, manufacturer etc. This is where the need for reviews selling comes in.

What is Reviews Selling (or should I say Selling Reviews) ?

Reviews Selling is the act of writing a blog post or a review about a particular product (or group of products) thereby giving your clients, reasons, why they should buy the product. Although reviews selling has been used by many e-commerce store owners, not many know how effective it is in promoting sales of a product. In fact, it is a concept that should never be neglected.

Now let’s dive deep into it.

Why is Reviews Selling so important?

Let’s take a short illustration. Imagine you go to a shop/store that sells body lotions and then you’re looking for a body lotion with cocoa butter. Now you go to the shelves and find out that there are a lot of cocoa butter body lotions made by different manufacturers. You are now confused about which body lotion to choose. You now decided to go to the vendor and ask him/her in charge to help you make a recommendation. The vendor starts briefing you about the different manufactures of these cocoa butter body lotions, the one with better quality and why their price differs. He or she even links you to his website where you can read all about it and get more details on these products. With these little briefing, you are sure about which body lotion to take. This is what we call reviews selling.

So if a family member wants to make a similar purchase, you also will be able to give your own recommendation, link them to the website too so that they can make their own decision. Now you see why reviews selling is so important. In short, it’s imperative if you want your business to grow to the next level.

Does Review Selling Work?

Yes, it definitely works. In short, it is one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote a particular product that has been slacking back in orders lately. It may even be more effective than just running an ad campaign on the product. This is because, in giving a review, you’re not just telling the customer to order your product, but you are giving them a concise reason on why they should buy the product and you’re also making them see things differently from a perspective unknown to them – your very own perspective.

How to perform reviews selling (making sales with reviews selling)

This the part you guys have all been waiting for, follow these steps below in order to effectively perform your own reviews selling. Also, let us know in the comment section on what you think about it. If you have any question, you can also drop it below and we’ll get back to you soon.

  • You need a blog/website: First and foremost, you need a place where you can write your reviews for people to see. If you don’t have a blog or website yet, go to our store and make an order for one immediately. We will get one ready for you to start using within a week.
  • Pick a product or a product category that you would want to write a review about (or promote).
  • Get all the information you can gather about the product and get them ready. Don’t forget to make references to your source too (very important).
  • Start writing about the products: Give your customers a good description of the product and its benefits. Write about other products related to it and why it’s better to choose it instead of others. You can also add reviews of other consumers (what people are saying) on the product. Don’t forget to add it’s cons (disadvantages) – just a few – because no product is perfect.
  • Tell your customers to leave a comment too and also to share their views and experience on the product.
  • Leave a link to the product on your store (where consumers can get the product) and don’t forget to tell your visitors to make an order.


  • To boost things up, you can also leave a coupon code with a discount on the product as a means to show appreciation and some love to your customers.
  • Don’t forget to share the product review and to also tell your friends to tell their friends to read about it too.


Reviews selling is very useful and no businessman or woman should neglect this concept if they want their business to grow and also scale to a larger one. Make use of reviews selling today and you’ll discover that it is totally worth it, trust me. Use it once and you’ll use it over and over again.

So what do you think about this, let us know in the comment session below. If you have any question or experience, you can also share with us too.

Thanks for reading!

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