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We offer freelancing services on several popular platforms including, and Fixlancer. Such services includes Web development (Php, Laravel, WordPress, Vue.js, Python Flask), Mobile and Desktop App development (JavaFx, Android, iOS), Debugging of Projects and Server setup and deployment(AWS, DigitalOcean, cPanel, VPS).


Project Management

Is it a short-term or a long-term project? Is starting the project easy and finishing it difficult? Is it a blog, an ecommerce site,  a CMS or LMS system you want to build? Let’s help you manage the project and finish it up on time.


Server Setup & deployment

Let’s help you setup your server (aws, cpanel, digital ocean, vps) and deploy your projects on them(serverless included). We make use of tools such as Git, Github, Code Commit, Bitbucket to get quickly deploy your projects and get them live on the web.

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Excellent work

Very fast delivery.
If you need any website service done, this is the guy. Awesome and fast. highly recommended.
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