What Do We Offer

Web Design and Development

Get a PROFESSIONAL fully-featured robust website from scratch for your business. These websites include:

  • One-paged website
  • Web portfolios
  • Blogs
  • E-commerce Websites
  • Music & Video Websites
  • Web Portals 
  • Management Systems

and many more. Click the button below to make an order on different platforms

Mobile App Development

Do you need an app, a companion, a friend, a slave, a moneymaker, a manager, a student, a robot, a stalker, a gazer, a time bomb, a girlfriend?!
Do you want an app that can:

  • – Generate income
  • – Monitor your farm
  • – Pay your bills
  • – Shop
  • – Manage sales
  • – Promote business
  • – Drive a car
  • – Book a flight
  • – Find a date etc.

Let build that software for you. Click the button below to place an order.

Shared, private & Cloud Server Setup, Installation and Configuration

Do you find it difficult hosting your website on a server?
Are you tired of the technicality attached to website deployment on the world wide web??
Or You don’t just know how cloud computing works but you’ll really love to make use of it???

You no longer need to worry much because I’m here for you.

I’ll take off the stress attached to deployment of websites, and you server will be live in less than 24hrs.
You’ll be able to deploy these type of websites:

  • Laravel – PHP – Flask – Django – Node.js – WordPress  – .NET websites etc.
  • Linux Server – Windows Server – Anything deployable (if that’s even an english word)

You’ll also be able to deploy from:

  • Git – FTP – SSH – Compressed Files – File Explorer – Cloud Storages (S3)

Don’t stress yourself. Let the PROFESSIONAL handle it.

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