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What is JAMB Regularization???

Jamb Regularization simply means the reconciliation of your OND/ND/NCE/HND admission between your institution and JAMB. JAMB regularisation is also known as LATE APPLICATION on JAMB website.

When you got admitted into your previous school, Polytechnic, College of Education, etc. It was possible that you didn’t write Jamb or receive an admission letter from Jamb. This implies that you don’t have Jamb registration number and your school didn’t notify Jamb of your admission.

How is this possible? Many candidates now gain admission via IJMB, JUPEB, Foundation Programmes and other programmes like that. Some of the students admitted via this mediums end up not having JAMB registration number.

It is however compulsory for any student studying at any tertiary institution in Nigeria to have a registration number. JAMB regularization makes it possible to get registration numbers for such students.

Even if you manage to not have a JAMB registration number all through your stay in the school, you will need it upon graduation. It is one of the things you’d need for NYSC registration. If you don’t have it, you can’t proceed to the mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme.

JAMB Regularization is aslo for students whose current institution details are different from the one on their JAMB Admission status.


This is not funny, because you might not have been aware if not that you want to obtain direct entry form, or you want to go to NYSC. Follow the steps below to know whether you are to do Jamb regularization or not:

  1. Go to www.jamb.org.ng

  2. Scroll to the year you wrote your jamb (e.g 2018)

  3. Click on Check Admission Status

  4. Enter your Jamb number and click enter.

You are meant to get a message, showing your details, school, passport and the course you studied/ are studying. If you saw your admission details and its correct, then you don’t need to regularize.

Also you can ascertain if you need regularization by following the steps below;

  1. Go to the official portal of JAMB @ www.jamb.org.ng

  2. Click on “Students” from the header/menu.

  3. Click on “check matriculation list”

  4. Select the year in which you wrote your Jamb examination in the first box

  5. Enter your Jamb registration number in the second box

  6. Click on the button: fetch my details

Your admission status will display either of the following;

  • Congratulations you have been matriculated

  • You are not on the matriculation list

  • Print result slip

  • You were not offered admission etc.

If you see “Congratulations you have been matriculated” and the details shown tally with your current institution details both institution and course then you don’t need regularization.

If you get the message “You are not on the matriculation list” and the details are correct, you are just to reprint your JAMB admission letter and probably your JAMB result to be on the matriculation list. Else, you are in for regularization.

If you see “You were not offered admission” you need regularization.


Previous years one can do his own regularization all by himself, but the system was changed by JAMB as later months of 2018.

Now, for to do regularization you need to go to an accredited JAMB CBT Center as your passport and biometrics will be needed.

Things you’ll need;

  1. A valid email address that hasn’t been used for any JAMB related service.

  2. A phone number still hasn’t been used for JAMB related service.

  3. JAMB Registration Number, JAMB Score (For those who have written JAMB and their current institution details are different from the details on their JAMB admission letter.)

  4. Your current school details such as VC name, phone number and details and registars name.(The CBT Center is supposed to have this details, well, just in case)

  5. School Matricualtion Number

  6. O’Level Result

  7. A’Level Result (For those that got admission via Direct Entry (DE))

What you should know

A new JAMB account will be created for you using the email address and phone number you provided. Once successful, a mail will be sent to the email address containing the profile of the account including your log in password. A Remita will be generated for you, either you take it to any bank of your choice to make the payment or if the CBT Center can make the payment for you that’ll be nice too, it makes things faster. Then you’ll begin to fill the form on the system, MAKE SURE YOU ARE SEEING WHAT IS BEING FILLED, as any error will be on you and might cost you another reularization. Then, a live passport will be taken and your biometrics captured. Once successful, you’ll be given a form to take to your school for proper processing and the form will bw taken to JAMB Office by your school where it’ll be duly processed. A mail will be sent to the email address provided once your form has been processed contaning your new JAMB Registration Number.

NOTE: You can get the form also from the JAMB Profile created for you. You can also track the progress of your regularization on your e-facilty platform.

Log into www.jamb.org.ng/efacility with your email address and log in password to gain access to your e-facilty platform. Click on the Menu to reveal a list. The last option on the list is “My Indemnity Forms”, thats your JAMB Regularization form. The option “My Usage” shows you your transaction details, there you can also check your regularization status by clicking on “Check Status” on the Regularization Transaction.

The process takes quite a number of months depending on your institution.

This page will be updated as necessary.


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